What people are saying

“Magnificent organization and people. Their shelter is clean and they take fantastic care of the cats. They work tirelessly to place cats in proper homes and make sure they are healthy. I have never seen volunteer shelter staff put so much time, love and care into what they do for the animals in their care. It is sad to see that someone created a phony account for a person named Tara here in order to tear them down. Even looking at the account you can tell it is bogus because they only thing at all in it’s history is this one negative review out of the blue.

This organization is the best! Kudos to them as they continue to do great things for the cats in their care.”

Christopher Pearsall , Rhode Island

“I applied ahead of time and was quickly invited to make an appointment. I walked in and there she was- the sweetest cat ever who fits right into our home and family. There are many cats there, more than listed on the website, so if you’re considering adopting please go visit! I’m so grateful to the Pet Refuge for providing a sanctuary and homes for cats in need. ♥️”

D I , Los Angeles

My grandma runs this place they are awesome with taking care of animals might be strict on adopting but they want to make sure they get a good home

Nikko Madden , Los Angeles

These people at Pet Refuge are doing God’s work. I am so impressed with just how much love and attention they give all of the animals in the shelter. I’ve adopted from them twice (Fiona and recently Faye) and have begun donating in support. For as many animals and little funds they have, they are saving lives and providing a loving home. I encourage any animal lover to support their cause in any way they can. It will go a long way.

Nick Usenia , Los Angeles

It is a great pet refuge, right now they have 35 litters of kittens that are looking for a great home, u can be one of those awesome people..

Jeffrey Dawson , Los Angeles