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In this video, you’ll meet the dedicated team of volunteers and staff who pour their hearts into the well-being of these cats, ensuring they receive the best care, love, and attention. Follow us as we introduce you to the diverse cast of feline characters, each with their own unique tales of triumph over adversity. From the mischievous kittens discovering the joys of play to the wise senior cats basking in their twilight years, “The Pet Refuge” is a testament to the power of compassion and the boundless capacity of our furry friends to heal and bring joy to our lives….

The Pet Refuge – since 1976

The North Kingstown-Exeter Animal Protection League (NKEAPL) has been the driving force behind the operation of the compassionate no-kill Pet Refuge since its inception in 1968. In 1976, we expanded our reach by officially incorporating “Exeter” into our name, reflecting our commitment to serve a broader community. As a private, nonprofit organization, the NKEAPL relies on a combination of ongoing fundraising events, such as bazaars and tag sales, and the generosity of individuals who contribute their time, money, and resources. We are deeply grateful for the support we receive from friends, members, business leaders, and community figures, which enables us…

We Would Like To Thank Our Corporate Sponsors

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Pets List

We know the feeling—you want to take them all home!

But most of us can’t adopt every cat we want to, and some of us can’t take any of them home. But there’s still something you can do! You can help them through the Pet Refuge’s sponsorship program.

By sponsoring a cat, you help us provide food, medical care, toys, blankets, and all the other things a cat needs. Your donation will help us care for these cats until they’re adopted — or, in the case of permanent shelter residents, for their long-term needs.

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