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  June 14, 2015




We started late on the voting this round so we are going to try and push a little and ask that you all PLEASE VOTE for the PET REFUGE every day. This Challenge runs from June 1 to August 9, 2015. Thank you for your support!!!



Don't miss out on an event! Check out the what, when, and where on our Events page so you can plan ahead to participate. If you have any questions, please give the shelter a call at (401) 294-1115 or email our manager Renate at animalz@cox.net (animalz@cox.net). Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page for the very latest information!

Attention all dog lovers!

The Pet Refuge is now working towards our long-held goal of housing dogs at our shelter. Since we first opened, and especially these last few years, the Pet Refuge has been overwhelmed with cats and kittens that no one else will take. Because we are a true no-kill shelter many people turn to us to save these abandoned animals. A lot of our finances and efforts are spent caring for these unwanted animals until we can get them into loving forever homes. Now that the Pet Refuge is an established shelter, we would like to expand our efforts to include helping rescue dogs.

We're looking to start a committee - a group of people to start fundraising and then helping to finish this project. This would include erecting an 8-foot fence, already donated and enough to fence in the entire animal and exercise areas.

If anyone is interested in helping us in any way, or if you know people who would like to get on board to help make our dreams a reality, please call Renate at the shelter at (401) 294-1115 or email her at animalz@cox.net (animalz@cox.net) to set up a meeting and a tour of the facility.

Our Hope for Animals

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No-kill Pet Refuge, operated by the North Kingstown-Exeter Animal Protection League, Inc.